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DocTrakDocTrak: is a Document Tracking application that is primarily used for locating the physical document, its processing time and gives an analytic overview of its physical route.  It is equipped with a desktop web interface and a mobile (smart) phone function.  Document Tracking is the ongoing process of tracking the location, current user, descriptive details and status of all your critical documents. DocTrak also has functionalities that allow the physical document to be scanned and commented on electronically.  Also alerts (email or SMS) will be sent to concerned individuals by the software of documents that has high priority. In the absence of a computer, the mobile phone takes over the entire tracking process of  documents.  Other features include allowing the public to check the system via sms or internet for the status of their document being processed.  Today, many organizations track this information manually or do not have any tracking process in place. The result is time-consuming searches for documents and lost productivity. The benefit of an automated document tracking solution is that it leads to up-to-date, accurate document information that improves document utilization and accountability.  

CV Bank & Recruitment Portal:
CV Bank and recruitment applicationrTrak is a software that stores CV posted via the web or keyed via a desktop agent locally.  This software has a desktop component with a local database that stores all CVs; these CVs are automatically synchronized with the web database application.  It allows individuals with CVs already in the database to be invited for  an online preliminary interview.  Institutions seeking to recruit new employees can access these cvs online via a secure interface.  CVs stored are indexed and archived. 

e-Asset Trak:
Asset Management SoftwareYou can't afford the wasted time, effort, and cost of searching for and replacing lost or missing assets. With Asset Manager, you can track the assets you have, where they are, how much they cost, and more. You can use existing barcodes or create your own to check in and check out tools and equipment to employees. Asset Manager takes only a few minutes to download and install.
Check in and check out assets
With Asset Manager, you can check out computers and equipment to employees and always know who to call when you need an item returned. Set a due date during the check-out process, and then run reports to find the overdue assets.
Track the fixed assets in your business
Whether you need help keeping track of where your assets are, or if you simply need a better accounting of what you have and how much it's worth, Asset Manager can track it all. Attach owner's manuals, pictures, notes and more to your service records, then look them up again in one place whenever you need.
Track service, vendors, and contacts
When servicing an item, track the service instructions, tips and tricks, vendors, and contacts in your database. If the item needs to be serviced again, you'll have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Find the items quickly using a barcode scanner or a quick search.
Other features:
  • Track an unlimited number of assets.
  • Attach pictures, owner's manuals, and other files easily.
  • Print barcodes for your assets, or use existing barcodes to identify your assets.
  • Check items out to employees, and maintain a full history of ownership.
  • Print and save asset reports in a variety of formats.
  • Perform a fixed asset stock take.
  • Track related vendors and contacts.
  • Calculate an annual depreciation schedule

Warehouse Management SoftwarewTrak: Warehouse Management System software equips you to participate in more opportunities by giving you more capabilities, advanced collaborative visibility and multi-customer flexibility.
WTrak is a versatile, real-time, RF based WMS system that streamlines your fulfillment operation, making it more flexible, more productive and more profitable to operate.
This warehouse management system transforms warehouse operations into a fully integrated logistics and fulfillment business. By enabling a company to take orders from multiple sources, process them in real time with mobile, voice- directed operations, and automating the shipping and billing processes, organizational efficiency will improve, with positive effect on the bottom line.
WTrak WMS is built for 3rd party logistics, fulfillment, and distribution operations. It’s ideal for operations where multiple owners of inventory, multiple clients, multiple locations and variable business models are required. WTrak WMS also integrates with material handling equipment and WTrak Mobile Logistics (CML) offering multiple methods of managing the warehousing operation.
WTrak WMS helps you manage all the functions of today’s warehouse including:
  • Receiving (Unloads, Check-in ect...)
  • Putaway (directed)
  • Dynamic location management
  • Product/SKU management
  • Lot, Serial Number, Date Control
  • Order processing
  • Picking – Order, Wave, Pick & Pass, Batch, etc.
  • Packing/Kitting
  • Replenishment
  • Cycle counting/inventory control
  • System administrator
  • System security
  • Cross docking
  • ERP interfaces
  • Interface with most Accountant packages like QuickBooks, SAP etc..
  • Equipment interfaces to pick-to-light, conveyor and sortation
  • WMS Web Access to warehouse performance
  • Item analysis services such as usage, history, etc..
Other products:
Biometrics time and attendance interfaced with HR and payrol software generating pay slips based on time-in and time-out as per your country tax. 

ERP for Schools - Webbased interface mananges the entire school and student lifecycle. 
Immigration TrackerITrak: Immigration Exit & Entry Tracker; tracking the entry and exit movement of people. Generating report on number of  entry and exists. Alert for individual date of visa expiration etc...

To obtain any of these products developed locally and customised to suit with your own working enviroment. Intellectual Property of HAK Technology.  Contact us at info@haktechnology.com or call:  Liberia: +231886120665 , +231886706292
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