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We  work in partnership with clients to overcome their business challenges through the application of technology. Our work often be based on the need to improve efficiency and the way a company functions, with IT used as a means to achieve this.

We also take care of user training and for feedback.
Our daily routine is usually very varied and will depend on the size and nature of the organization and the level at which the consultant we are hired. Consultancy projects can last from a few hours to several years, depending on the client's requirements.

Some or all of the following activities may be undertaken:

  •     meeting with clients to determine requirements;
  •     working with clients to define the scope of a project; or planning timescales and the resources needed;
  •     clarifying a client's system specifications, understanding their work practices and the nature of their business;
  •     traveling to customer sites;
  •     liaising with staff at all levels of a client organization;
  •     defining software, hardware and network requirements;
  •     analyzing problems and making recommendations;
  •     developing agreed solutions and implementing new systems;
  •     presenting solutions in written or oral reports;
  •     helping clients with change-management activities;
  •     project managing the design and implementation of preferred solutions;
  •     purchasing systems, where appropriate;
  •     designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems;
  •     preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to customers;
  •     organizing training for users and other consultants;
  •     being involved in computer sales and support and, where appropriate, maintaining contact with client organizations.
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